Anodos Logistics presence in the market is dynamic enough to ensure a credible system for handling goods and distributing them. We have managed to have a personal and friendly relationship with every one of our customer base, supporting truth, honesty and dignity.

Our goal is to provide unique level of services through direct and trustworthy flow of information as well as solutions to every aspect of merchandise handling in the warehouse and distribution.

  With total volume of handled goods surpassing 400.000 cubic meters annually,
  over 280.000 successful deliveries
  to more than 100.000 satisfied customers all over Greece,

Anodos Logistics services put right on track each customer despite the uncertain economic environment we all have to deal with nowadays.

Goods Unloading

Containers or international road freight trucks are unloaded at our warehouse premises, goods are counted, placed to storing positions, entered to company WMS and proper documents are issued; quality control is performed.

Goods Storage

Merchandise storage and handling through wireless communication with company WMS.

IT support

IT support and monitoring of order development, issuance of accompanying documents, stock balance update of our WMS.

Orders Receipt Handling

Orders receipt handling sent by e-mail or fax or through the company web portal. Picking-collection using the packing list, barcode check using the wireless RF scanners to update the WMS.

Picked and Packed Orders Handling

Picked and packed orders handling, final check, loading of goods from ramp to truck and issuance of accompanying documents

Goods Handling

Goods handling, reverse logistics support, products’ shrinkage, barcode printing and labeling, repacking, inserting instruction manuals and support to various customer promotional actions.

Merchandise Insurance coverage

Merchandise insurance coverage for every potential danger.

Nationwide distribution

Distribution for Attica through well-established network and via long term associate trucking companies throughout Greece. Ability for Cash on Delivery arrangement.

Cargo we have handled in the past :Electronic goods, electrical devices, home appliances, A/C units, seasonal goods, shoes, apparel, edible goods, pet shop accessories, furniture, hotel accessories, promotional items, food, industrial parts, automotive parts, oils and lubricants, chemicals and cargo with Z2 Hazard Level.


Cross Docking is the most direct way to handle and distribute goods. It reduces storage period and orders collection time but is very demanding regarding Information Systems’ support and requires high levels of coordination and cooperation between all parts.

It's application greatly simplifies the supply chain since it's main objective is delivering goods at the right time and not just on-time.

Anodos Logistics optimizes the process to your advantage by :

  1. Analyzing product information such as demand format and other product specifications.
  2. Specifying need for information regarding customers, demand, orders and suppliers.
  3. Providing proper building infrastructure to support different aspects of cross docking.
  4. Constantly checking and redefining whole process so that negative effects such as product shortages and delivery delays are eliminated.

To be more specific in what we offer to our clients:

Competitive pricing that takes into account contemporary economic environment.
Direct unloading of goods from well trained and experienced personnel.
Quick settling of goods bound for immediate deliveries.
Same day deliveries of unloaded goods.
Track and trace of all deliveries through Proof of Delivery system as well as receiver sign forward through smart android devices in real time conditions.
Online monitoring of import documents, delivery notes and inventory.
Introduction of Logistic Service, covering all aspects of supply chain, from production to the final point of sale.
Unloading urgent or delayed cargo beyond working hours.
Recording on camera of unloading (30 days history), as well as e-mail of photos to guarantee safety of merchandise.
Safe night stop of fully loaded trucks on company premises (security, guardian and closed circuit television)