Anodos Logistics,

responding to the constantly increasing demand of the market and its customer base for evolution, offers new services by taking full advantage of new technology.

The traditional way to work so far results in valuable, time consuming procedures regarding the transfer order as well as the return of the proof of delivery from the customer.

Introducing the Smart P.O.D. solution Anodos Logistics carries out deliveries in a contemporary, safe, simple and effective way so that both company and customers are fully advantaged.

By delivering goods, carriers receive an e-sign, while a photo of delivered goods is sent upon request. Information is forwarded on real time to transportation management office as well as to customers by e-mail.
Cross Docking is the most direct way to handle and distribute goods. It reduces storage period and orders collection time but is very demanding regarding Information Systems’ support and requires high levels of coordination and cooperation between all parts.

By applying such a system, supply chain is simplified as the main target is to ship goods at the right time.

Anodos Logistics optimizes the whole procedure in favor of its customers.

Anodos Logistics Vision

To become an ideal partner for every enterprise by applying unique service and high added value in a cost effective way.

To constantly evolve and improve service by investing in certified and experienced staff as well as technologically superb infrastructure, strictly complying with current legislation and safety rules so that end customer is fully satisfied.

Quality Of Service (QoS):

By applying a Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001:2000 standards and by allocating required resources we fully meet customers’ expectations.

Procedures Standardization

We are constantly receiving feedback both from customers as well as associates to improve service by evaluating KPIs.

In addition, we take a close look at the flow of information and our service quality and we act proactively solving issues that may come up, so that customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

4th Party Logistics (4PL):

Unlike the 3PL providers, we fully examine all steps of the value chain and try to make the best out of it. We give customers full access by consolidating all steps to our management system.

We handle inventory by providing sophisticated solutions using Information Technology in order to manage risk..

Investing in Logistics future

Technical Infrastructure

By constant upgrading the technical and technological equipment
and investing in safety systems, Anodos Logistics can become your competitive advantage.
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