Our commitment to protect our clients’ interests is mainly confirmed by our investments in infrastructure as well as the selection of experienced and certified staff. To be more specific:

  1. We have installed an industrial system of fire protection to all our premises.
  2. We operate a theft protection with sensors and a closed circuit television system supervised on a 24hour basis.
  3. There is a 24 hour security guard on our premises.
  4. We also cooperate with a security company who visit our premises on non-regular basis (night patrols).

Technological Equipment - Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our ERP is a basic asset to improve our cooperation and communication of all parties involved in the supply chain. Retrieving valuable information from our system, coordination between our customers as well as end customers is fulfilled.

The main advantage from the use of our ERP is the exact indication of each enterprise special needs. As a result, cost is reduced, service provided is optimized and finally profit is affected in a positive way.

In general, all KPIs regarding logistics procedure are affected as a result of increased flexibility of all parties involved.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The use of WMS minimizes mistakes either in storage or other aspects of logistics procedure and reduces time needed to respond to every request.

It also helps company reduce costs, as it reduces storage time to minimum required.As a result consignee gets what he needs when exactly required.

Routing Systems

The routing procedure of orders is automated and trucks are monitored using GIS, GPS and GSM technology.

Online Web Portal

Products may be monitored through our web portalImport documents and delivery notes


Articles tab

Search of Lot numbers

serial number

Expire date

Storage position


In addition to watching all the above at the company web portal, reporting that can upgrade decision making procedure becomes an additional advantage of the web portal use. Not only there is immediate access to reports for:

Quantities delivered
Active articles
Percentage of articles delivered
CBM to Weight Percentage
Demand peaks
First In First Out (FIFO) tracking procedure

There is also a capability to fully customize reports to specific market requirements closely cooperating with our IT department. This new level of information allows customers act fast and focus on what is really important for them getting rid of uncertainty of conventional storage solution systems.

Smart POD (Proof Of Delivery)

Anodos Logistics is responding to the constantly increasing demand of the market and its customer base by offering new services taking full advantage of new technology.

Traditional way to work so far demanded time consuming procedures to give an order for delivery as well as return of the receipt of delivery to consignee.

Using the Smart P.O.D. solution Anodos Logistics fulfils deliveries using the most contemporary, safe and effective way.

After delivering merchandise, carriers receive an e-sign, while there is capability of a photo of cargo upon request. Information is sent on real time to routing department, as well as e-mailed to customer.

Technical Equipment - Hardware

Racking System

Heavy Duty Racking System of Euro and Industrial pallets

Light Racking System ideal for constantly changing needs for small to medium size objects.

Specialized Vehicles and Ramps

Forklifting trucks RECHTRAC

Electric forklifts

Heavy counterbalance forklift trucks

Electric pallet trucks

Loading- unloading ramps

Packaging – Shrinkage

Automatic packaging and shrinkage machinery (L Bar) with adjustable heat control to for products of maximum dimension 560x430x230 mm and speed 1200 per hour.

High performance strapping machine with constant strap tension