Anodos Logistics is a purely Greek company that offers its clients unique, reliable and effective service at very competitive prices; always respecting current legislation.

Our goal is to become your strategic partner, by gaining trust and investing constantly in quality infrastructure in both material assets as well as human ones. Our persistence to provide quality service and our discreetness to all customer data are main keystones of differentiation from competition.

We always respect customers’ and associates’ opinion regarding the quality of service provided as you can reach customer satisfaction only if you try hard and all the time.

Anodos Logistics is a financially healthy enterprise as after 15 years of operation there is no bank lending. Flexibility and the quality of service provided allows customers focus on their core business activities. In addition, given the economic crisis environment we all have to be part of, cost reduction through combined services we offer is crucial.

You can trust our company and let us handle your merchandise in a quality, trustworthy and flexible way gaining significant advantages such as fixed costs reduction and time management improvement.

‘’In this period of strong pressure from economic recession, that mainly has affected retail market, it would be a disaster not to take into serious account how to relieve our customers from a new logistics cost increase potential. Since November 2009, at the international exhibition ‘Logistics-Warehouse-Distribution’ background, we already started taking strategic action to fight economic recession consequences. We decided our offers to be revised in favor of our customers.This way, cooperation is enhanced as we prefer to have a personal contact with our customers than a strict professional relationship.Adjustment in new economic environment fully supports existing new and potential customers’ needs, while at the same time allows Anodos Logistics to be more flexible."
Dimitris Vasiliou
Managing Director